Thank you for the opportunity to present our innovative and aggressive recovery programs.

Lou Spivack, P.C. provides a dynamic alternative that is grounded in legal collection experience.

Since we are a law office, we rely heavily on the Judicial System to force recovery. Simply put, clients that have the ability to pay, but are unwilling to, are pursued through the Courts. Once Judgement is obtained, aggressive Post Judgment Remedies are utilized to recover the outstanding balance.



Our Staff has 50 years combined experience.

Contingency Structure:

Contingency Structures are based on various predicating factors including:

  • Average Balance and Number of Assignments
  • Date of Loss, Claim, Audit, Payment, or Judgment
  • Previous Collection Activity.


After any account is placed into our firm’s collection software, an acknowledgement will be generated and forwarded to your office. Acknowledgements can be provided per file, per batch, or both.

Our office has the capability of providing your office with detailed status or collection activity reports for each file assigned on a monthly, quarterly, semi, or annual basis.


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